"China Goat Milk Industry Development Forum" Exchanges Ideas and Prepares for Industry Growth

China Goat Milk Industry Development Forum

"China Goat Milk Industry Development Forum" held a summit at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on January 22. The Forum was organized by Dairy Association of China and co-sponsored by Yayi International Inc.

Representatives from government departments, industry associations and related businesses actively contributed their opinions and advice for the sound and fast development of China's goat milk industry, turning the Forum into an opportunity to collect ideas and to prepare for strong industry growth in the future.

Both Mr. Chengguo Liu, Director General of Dairy Association of China, and Mr. Xiaodong Yu, Director of Centre for Public Nutrition and Development of National Development and Reform Commission spoke highly of the nutritional value of goat milk, and both expressed a positive outlook for China's goat milk industry. Mr. Liu quoted citations from "Compendium of Materia Medica" - "Goat milk is sweet, mild and non-toxic, and it will benefit the heart, lungs and kidneys", to reinforce the fact that Chinese traditional physicians regard goat milk as beneficial to the lungs and trachea. He is hopeful that more people will recognize its advantages including the fact that goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk, specifically noting that babies are able to digest 94% of goat milk consumed. Mr. Yu pointed out that goat milk is nutritious and contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. He added that goat milk is easily absorbed by the body, and plays a unique role in health care, all factors which will contribute to goat milk becoming an important force in the booming health industry.

Ms. Li Liu, Chairwoman of Yayi International, reviewed her 10 years of experience as an advocate for China's goat milk industry at the forum. She called for attention and support from consumers from all walks of life with the slogan "More Nutrition, Better Absorption", for the development of China's goat milk industry and encouraged Chinese enterprises to become worldwide leaders in goat milk industry.

The Forum is designed to further promote the development of the goat milk industry, propagate goat milk knowledge, and clarify misunderstandings regarding consumption. It aims to encourage milk consumers to choose goat milk over than cow milk as a way to obtain more nutrients by promoting "More Nutrition, Better Absorption", and encouraging Chinese consumers to keep pace with the international trend of powdered milk consumption.

Ken Lee, Vice President and Executive Director of SAIF Partners, Dr. Yu Bin from Trout & Partners (China) and Ms. Guilian Liu, a Chinese nutrition and food expert, shared their opinions on topics including "Why Investors Value Goat Milk industry", "How to Achieve Healthy and Rapid Development of Goat Milk Industry" and "How to Make People Recognize the Nutritional Value of Goat Milk" respectively. Attendees showed great confidence in China's goat milk industry after Mr. Li announced SAIF Partners had invested approximately $15 million in Yayi international.

It is reported that 300 professionals from all over China in high growth fast moving consumer goods industries participated in this forum. Industry insiders believe that since the Forum collected ideas of officials, experts and entrepreneurs, the public will gain a more in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the nutritional value of goat milk, which will play a positive role in boosting the development of China's goat milk industry.